The rich history of online casino games

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http://fbadstoolbox.comThe rich history of online casino games. Contrary to popular belief, online casinos have a rich and ancient history. Its premises go back several thousand years and several continents contributed to the expansion of the first money games: diversions anchored, traditionally, in the ways and customs of several important civilizations. This article provides an overview of the history of online casino games. Visit poker indonesia to play online poker.

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Money bets: an ancient invention

It is important to know that Asia has been the sink for the first betting games. In ancient China and in Indonesia games like Keno or Poker PaiGow were known, in its original forms. It was, at that time, entertainment similar to the current lottery, whose activity served as a source of funding for the kingdoms. However, it has not been only Asia that has contributed to the expansion of gambling. Indeed, historians have discovered traces of the game of roulette dating from the time of Babylon, in the Middle East. In this way, since the year 3500 BC, the casinos that are enjoyed today have made enjoy a whole population. In antiquity, the Greek invasions, followed by the important conflicts between the Romans and the barbarians, made possible the expansion of the different games through time and space. Go to poker indonesia to play online poker.

The first land-based casinos: play centers

From the nineteenth century, leisure centers began to open their doors throughout Europe: the best-known land settlement of this last century is probably that of Monte-Carlo, whose origin dates back to 1861. But it is in the States United where the first legal (and illegal) casino games took refuge. With the heyday of the Las Vegas casinos, which had the distinction of being the only ones that could legally operate, gambling started an unprecedented trend. While there were some recreational centers in the state of Nevada where players could place their bets, it is in Las Vegas, nicknamed very early “The city of the game”, where the casinos had their heyday. In the 70s the first luxurious casinos began to appear, mainly in New Jersey and California.

The reconversion of the postmodern age: online casinos

Since 2000, the evolution of modern technologies and the use of the internet have considerably revolutionized the consumption habits of users. Also, many casinos began their journey on the web, proposing similar services and more “economic” than land-based casinos. In recent years, the online casino market has experienced a huge “boom” and, in this way, it is possible to play roulette, Craps or slot machines with just a personal computer and an Internet connection. In order to guarantee the confidentiality of users’ personal data, serious online casinos use the same technology as large banking institutions. In this way, online casinos are as reliable as the most luxurious land-based casinos.

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