How much do you know about betting on poker hands?

http://fbadstoolbox.comHow much do you know about betting on poker hands? If you thought that Chinese poker was the latest fashion in poker, you’re wrong. There is a new change in online gaming, discover the new way to play poker. Learn about betting on poker hands through this article. Click here for agen poker

New poker concept: bets in different hands

The option to bet on poker hands is, along with virtual sports, one of the latest developments in the game world. Although there are not many operators that offer this type of bet, the modality does not stop winning followers. Visit this site for agen poker.

The rules and the value of the plays are the same as in any normal game, but the game does not develop in the same way. Do not confuse betting on poker hands with betting on a poker game. Here all the hands played and the bets are not raised, but there are quotas as if they were a sporting event. In this method, the cards are shown in an uncovered way and you, with your knowledge about the game and comparing the different hands, you must decide which one or which to bet on.

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Let’s say that you are a simple spectator who, once you have seen all the cards dealt, decides which combination you think of as the winner.

The games are played live with a webcam system, so you can see how the croupier is taking the cards and at the same time decide whether or not you want to vary your bet at the same time the game is played.

How to play: a practical example

Betting on poker hands is really simple. However, the more knowledge you have, the more opportunities you will have to win. The luck factor will also play its role, but if you do not know what your options are, it will be difficult for you to win.

Follow the steps we show you below:

1. Select the hand you think is winning and for which you wish to bet. The game starts once the croupier deals the cards. As you can see in the image, in this game there are six different “players”.

2. Indicate the amount you wish to invest in your hands (s).

Each hand has a certain quota that depends on the probabilities that exist of winning that hand. As happens in a sporting event, the odds change as the game progresses, and in particular whenever there are more visible cards on the table as we will have more chances to get our bet right.

If you look at the first image, in the preflop the quota for the straight (straight) was 5.15 and on the flop (next image), the same move has a quota of 2.38. This variation is due to the cards shown on the flop. With a 9 and a 10 on the table, the options for forming a ladder are much greater, and therefore the fee falls.

As in a regular game, after the turn and the river comes the end. In this case, the winning hand has been K9, since with the two nines of the common hands he has formed a trio 999.

Advantage of playing poker hands

As we just showed you with the example, betting on poker hands does not have many complications, and also has a number of added advantages.

Quick games: normally they last between three and four minutes. Nobody speaks and many users can place their bets at once, so the cards are displayed in a matter of seconds.

Easy availability: to play a game of poker -whether online or offline-, you always need a rival to play against, but here it is not necessary. Every five minutes, 24 hours a day and every day of the week, you have a new game available.

Convenience: in addition to betting from the living room of your home, your star operator also has a mobile application, so you can bet from where it’s most convenient for you.

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